– Net salary / gorss salary calculator for Greece – 2024

Calculate the net salary (after-tax) or inversely the gross salary (pre-tax) in Greece, after insurance contributions (IKA/TSMEDE) and withholding tax

Calculations / employer cost
Annually Monthly
Employer cost
(-)Employer constributions
Gross salary
(-) Insurance contribution
(-) ΙΚΑ (cash benefits)
Taxable income
(-) Income tax
(+) Tax discount 1.5% tax discount, as tax is withheld through payroll
(-) Special levy
Net income
(-) Special levy  
Final income  
Tax year    
Insurance agency  
Welfare insurance category Insurance category for the calculation of the Welfare contribution (as selected by the insured)
Supplementary insurance category Insurance category for the calculation of Supplementary insurance (as selected by the insured)
Salaries in a year
Children Number of children affects the initial tax-free amount
Transfer of tax domicile Special discounted taxation on employment income for those who transfer their tax domicile to Greece
Old insured person Those who joined the national insurance scheme until 31/12/1992
Young person, Νέος, pensioner or PWD Young persons under 30 years old, pensioners above 65 or persons with disabilities
Over 5 years Those insured for over 5 years or over 35 years of age
Special surcharge Include special surcharge(ex ELPP) on ΤΣΜΕΔΕ contributions

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